Make your Mealtimes Memorable with Wilsonart Laminate Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen an important room in the home as this is where meals are prepared. As such, it is important to ensure that there is not only adequate space but also the appropriate working surfaces.

wilsonartYour worktops must be carefully selected and configured taking into account various needs especially in terms of the design and finishing. In addition, you need to keep in mind that worktops are also subject to wear and tear hence, you need to ensure you go for a worktop that is durable yet fits into your kitchen style perfectly.

There are different kinds of worktops on the market today that are made by different manufacturers such as laminate worktops. Further, there are different varieties of laminate worktops in the market making the task of selecting the most ideal laminate worktop difficult. Remember, your choice of worktop will set the theme for your kitchen. Ultimately, you must factor in the durability of the worktop you have selected.

If you do not know where to shop for your laminate worktops, you will do well to consider shopping at BBK Direct, a leading supplier of home innovation and improvement supplies that stocks laminate worktops from different manufacturers among them Wilsonart.

Laminate worktops are known to be stylish and cost effective. Consequently, the Wilsonart laminate worktops are carefully crafted to add a touch of style and class in your kitchen for less. These worktops are affordable and durable, yet easy to maintain.

Reasons to Choose Wilsonart Laminate Kitchen Worktops

When choosing kitchen worktops, you cannot go wrong with Wilsonart laminate kitchen worktops. Here are two reasons why you should consider investing in these worktops:

  • Wilsonart laminate kitchen worktops come in a wide array of designs and colours in addition to the long lasting finishes that are guaranteed to impress.
  • These worktops are reasonably priced hence can accommodate different budgets while giving you the effect of a granite or wooden worktop at an affordable price.

With a wide variety of Wilsonart laminate kitchen worktops to choose from, here are some guidelines to ensure you select the best in terms of quality and your style:

  • Begin by selecting at least four options that you may even test in your kitchen being sure to use them under natural light as well as under the room lighting. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate each worktop and even consult a kitchen expert before making the final decision to purchase.
  • Always opt for matte finish because unlike the glossy finish, it hides scratches so you do not have to worry about your worktop being unsightly. Do not fall for the glossy look instead opting for a coarser matte.

Overall, when choosing your Wilsonart laminate kitchen worktops, take into account factors such as its economic viability as well as convenience. That is, ensure that the cost of the worktop is within your budget.

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All you need to Know about Laminate Worktops

Laminate kitchen worktops are popular among homeowners partly because they are a cheaper yet elegant option. These worktops, which comprise of a chipboard or particleboard core on which a sheet of laminate is bonded with resin, come in a range of designs with some mimicking marble and wood.

kitchen-worktopsLaminate worktops are also quick and easy to install making them a favorite among homeowners that prefer a DIY experience. Even then, it is advisable to talk to laminate worktops experts at BBK Direct for instructions as well as professional help to ensure that your worktop is professionally fitted.

Top Facts Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Before buying your next laminate kitchen worktop, it is important to understand the facts about these worktops. They include the following:

  • They are cheap compared to other counter top materials yet they offer value in terms of design and quality. Thus, they are cost effective and ideal if you have a restrictive budget.
  • The come in a wide range of textures and colours. You can purchase laminate worktops in different designs as well as vivid or subtle colours depending on your taste. Alternatively, you can also opt for those designs that mimic materials such as granite and oak. Consequently, you can be sure to find laminate worktops that perfectly complement just about every kitchen design.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean. It is easy to wipe off splashes and spills from laminate worktops owing to its waterproof nature. In addition, these surfaces are hygienic with some like bush boards having built in bacterial protection.
  • They are easy to cut and shape making them ideal for unusual kitchen designs. Moreover, they are able to accommodate hobs, sinks and stoves well albeit without a specialist fitter.

When given the right care and maintenance, laminate kitchen worktops are able to last for long. You will do well to avoid cutting directly on the surface with sharp objects and knives to prevent potential damage through cut marks that are not only permanent but can also harbour germs and bacteria.

If you are buying laminate worktops UK, keep in mind that these worktops must be cared for well if they are to look their best after so many years. Here are some guidelines on laminate kitchen worktops care that you need to observe:

  • Use a damp cloth to clean the worktop while ensuring you dry the surface.
  • Avoid using abrasives to clean your laminate worktop as this will result in irreversible damage.
  • Do not place hot objects such as pots from the oven on your worktop.
  • Do not use polish that has wax as it will make the surface dull.
  • Avoid dragging items such as pans and glazed pottery on the surface.
  • Do not cut anything directly on the surface as they will scratches.

With good care, laminate kitchen worktops can last for up to 20 years in perfect condition. Consequently, if it is damaged or marked you will do well to consider replacing it with a whole new worktop as this is a cheaper option.