Maia Kitchen Worktops: Where Style Meets Functionality

Maia work surfaces are solid surface worktops that combine style and function. These worktops come with seamless joints that is complemented with a smooth finish making these work surfaces a luxurious addition in the home.

The modular worktop blanks in the Maia range of solid surfaces is designed to not only be simple to install but also plan. These worktops are pre-edges with a factory finished surface thus, you will not need to re-sand the top upon installation, as is the case with other worktops.

By choosing Maia worktops of lengths of between 1.8m and 3.6m, you can be sure to eliminate any wastage because then you will only order the much you need. While 600mm is the standard industry depth, the 650mm depth is quite handy where you have deeper cabinets or appliances.

Apart from the standard range, the Maia range of worktops include a curve at the end, with these surfaces coming with radius ends that are in line with the growing need for curved kitchen doors to give a softer look.

If you want to achieve both style and functionality, you can be sure to choose cheap Maia kitchen worktops from its extensive colour spectrum. This way, you can be sure to complement your kitchen design.

If you are considering buying Maia worktops UK here are some top reasons to opt for Maia:

  • Ease of installation – Maia worktops are easy to install. This is mainly because the surface is factory finished and they are pre-edged thus there is no need to re-sand.
  • Maia worktops are versatile – That is, they can be purchased in a wider slab with the view of accommodating breakfast bars. You may also purchase sink modules that have a drainer cut out for sinks that are under mounted.
  • Great quality – Maia worktops UK are a premium, high quality and well established solid surface worktops that give you value for your money.
  • Wide range of colours – Maia worktops come in a wide range of colours that you can choose from regardless of whether you prefer traditional or contemporary style.
  • Heat resistant – Maia worktops UK are heat resistant and can withstand up to 185° of heat.
  • Durability – These worktops are tough and durable but can be repaired in the event of scratches.
  • Easy to cut – Cheap Maia worktops are easy to cut with the aid of wood working power tools hence they do not require the use of a template.

Generally, Maia worktops UK offer good value for money as they are durable and are bound to last for a long time when treated well. For instance, you will do well to use then for chopping and instead use your chopping board. It is also recommended that you use worktop protectors or trivets to protect this worktop from exposure to extreme heat from hot pans.

You can browse through the extensive selection of Maia kitchen worktops at BBK Direct. You can also find more information about these worktops here. If you are not sure about what will work best for you, then do not hesitate to speak to the experts at BBK Direct.

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